Alive in Los Angeles: Historian Mike Sonksen

Partnering with this writer and Historian for public supported KCET was truly rewarding...

AliveinLosAngeles.com is part of a series of multimedia collaborations between Mike Sonksen (aka Mike The Poet) and a community of literary and creative friends.... Mike Sonksen, also known as, Mike the Poet, is a 3rd-generation LA native acclaimed for poetry performances, published articles & mentoring young writers. Sonksen is currently an Adjunct Professor at Southwest College and Woodbury University. His first book I AM ALIVE IN LOS ANGELES! has been added to the curriculum of several universities. He is also the recipient of a Distinguished Service Award to the Greater Los Angeles Poetry Community from the distinguished Venice, CA organization, "Beyond Baroque".


Al-Insan Lashley


June 4, 2017


Digital, Film & Interactive

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by AB

A genuine people’s historian... he focuses our attention on the grassroots experiences that keep the un-embalmed arts militantly alive in the city’s diverse neighborhoods. In innumerable essays... he has opened a new generation’s eyes to LA’s extraordinary history...

Jan 12, 2017